Who Is It That Conveys Their Message…

A string of thoughts

Note: This is an first draft and raw passage, written very shortly after the process of going though my head. 


During my time home for the winter break, I spent a part of my Christmas Eve at my local Roman Catholic Church. And during my return there, I came across a sudden revelation. I could somewhat relate my one hour time at the church to anime reviewing.

However, it’s best I set the background so you might understand my feelings. I grew up in a very religious and strict family. For about eighteen years, I went to church every Sunday, attended part-time religious education for ten years, and underwent other related religions. Growing up, I didn’t care at all about religion, seeing it as something I was forced to go to and it certainly didn’t help that if I stood out of line, I would get hammered down by stereo-typical Asian parents. And even now, I still act to prevent further complications.

Returning from college and at the same time, attending church after months, I attended the Christmas mass with my parents. Now I understood what was going to happen from the moment the priest started. After all the gospels and readings, he was going to restate the tale about the birth of Jesus and discuss one of people at the occasion.

It took me a while to register in my head but I got the idea that this is the same as inspecting a character’s development in a plot. The priest continued to speak on his podium and for a moment, I could image an anime reviewer speaking to a camera, about what he thought about the character and their part in the overall scheme of things.

Now I’ve been watching anime for about two years now, started in October of 2013, I wondered and was a bit confused about how it took me this long to register this correlation. I finally realized it as he finished his sermon. It was because of the story of Jesus’ birth. Anyone could recall how the story went and could easily connect the explanations to the story, similar to understanding a character’s thematic purpose through his or her physical actions.

The key here is the knowledge of the material. It’s kinda necessary to know and understand the  story in order to figure out the connection. It’s like answering a random English text question without the story. In this case, it’s easy to remember the origins of Christmas but a lot harder to understand a random passage in the Genesis.

The idea of a review or at least talking about the subject intended to stir up some form of discussion or focus attention towards a certain element, I would like to think. And that it just depends on the content. Religious sermons is to religion and God in the same way that reviews and ani-blogs(That’s a word, sure why not) is towards anime.

I spent the rest of the mass, trying remember to write this when I got home. And I even asked myself the question, “Did my opinion on church change at all?”
Answer is…no, not really.

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