Light Novel Review: “Hanachirusato” When Hikaru was on the Earth

The cultural festival is coming up, and everyone is thinking of ideas for their classroom; everyone except Koremitsu anyway. The class representative, Michiru Hanasato, asks Koremitsu if he likes cultural festivals, to which the latter frowns at the thought. Michiru, taken back by this, tries to convey the fun and happiness of the cultural festival to Koremitsu but hastily moves back to her seat. Soon after, Michiru stands up at the podium to decide on the committee member for the cultural festivals. After an overwhelming silence, she asked the class if she could recommend someone. The class passively agrees to which she announces:

I recommend, Mr. Koremitsu Akagi as an executive member of the cultural festival.

Welcome to Volume 8 of When Hikaru was on the Earth.


The volume balances three different subplots within its main story: Koremitsu and his classmates, Michiru’s problems, and Koremitsu’s love troubles; and the three plotlines work together to accomplish each other’s climaxes.

Koremitsu Akagi dislikes cultural festivals. Simply for the fact that he often gets treated poorly during the occasion; being shunned by others and having the urge to kick people making out. In fact, he states that correct method to spend a cultural festival is to sit in a empty classroom and wait until the closing ceremony. However due to Michiru’s actions, he is now forced to be at the forefront of the event. He now has to come face to face with the classmates who won’t look at him directly. This is the second volume that deals with Koremitsu directly; the first being with his mother and now with his image with his other classmates.


Koremitsu’s confrontation with his classmates started all because of Michiru. Our first interaction with Michiru was as a supporting character but from volume 5 onward, we slowly started to see her change. Those key events back in previous volumes were necessary to get a clearer perspective of her character. If I were to make an example, it would be raising the correct flags in a visual novel to unlock her route. And over the course of the volume, there are also small implications from Michiru that lead into her “confession” section at the very end. The audience could understand where she’s coming using the information in this volume, but the full range of her character relies on those past events; a normal ending vs a true ending.


The love drama is quite strong in this volume. It’s an emotional problem for both genders. Koremitsu has entirely different motives and feelings for his love interests and at the same time, his love interests have perceptions of Koremitsu that made them attracted to him in the first place. Additionally, the girls have different views of each other, which makes it quite interesting to see the reflection they have on themselves. However, this again depends entirely on the reader’s knowledge of previous events.


The color illustrations for this volume, is very colorful. Takeoka uses lots of vibrant and light colors, followed by plenty uses of white, to highlight the characters and their actions. Looking past the color illustrations, the rest of the pictures are profiles of the characters which detail their expressions.


Hanachirusato’s themes consists of confrontation of heart, shyness of character, the realization of love. While it can support itself on its own, the volume uses past plot elements to help expand the personalities of the characters.


Rating: Recommended*

*With previous knowledge of the past volumes.

Author: Mizuki Nomura

Illustrator: Miho Takeoka

Fan Translator: Teh_ping


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