Light Novel Review: Date A Live – Miku Truth [Volume 7]

Shidou Itsuka is in a very problematic situation. Miku has taken over the city of Tenguu by taking control of the citizens using her Spirit powers. Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and even Kotori is under Miku’s control. Ellen from DEM Industries has captured Tohka and is holding her hostage. And Kurumi, the worst Spirit who murders people, has suddenly appeared right in front of Shidou however…

“Shidou-san, would you like, to negotiate with me?”


Immediately continuing from the last volume, Miku Truth concludes the plot events started from Miku Lily. These events include the motivations and past history of Miku Izayoi, and the confrontation with the head CEO of DEM Industries. There is also more  plot information about the Spirits, Kurumi and DEM Industries. It takes a while but Miku Truth does reward us with some very good emotional scenes.


We are thrown right into Shidou’s predicament in the very beginning. With his fellow Spirits, and <Ratatoskr> out of commission, Shidou’s only plan is to cooperate with a Spirit Shidou has ran into before, Kurumi. While one of her objective is to eat Shidou, she is willing to partner up with him in order to investigate DEM Industries for another objective regarding a Spirit. The two of them first deal with the main problem plaguing Shidou right now before invading DEM Industries: Miku. From here, we are given a few breather moments for comedy featuring Kurumi seducing Shidou during this section. Besides that and a couple scenes in the end, the comedy takes a seat backstage for the more action and drama heavy scenes.


Over the course of the volume, we shift from perspective to perspective as the light novel conveys the large scale fight between Kurumi’s clone army, the Spirits, the AST, and the DEM Wizards. The fights remain personal as each individual conveys their own personal values and beliefs while fighting. For example, Shidou is trying to rescue Tohka, a person he holds deep in his heart, and meanwhile Mana fights against her organization for cruely modifying her and other poor victims. These are only two examples but a lot of characters are involved in this war. As a result, the themes are scattered throughout the volume with each person, but the intentions are there.


We are also given more information about DEM Industries and what their objectives are. At this point, I’m convinced that they are an organization who want to use Spirits to rule the world. I’m not particularly fond of the way these antagonists are worked into the story, but I’ll be optimistic in hopes that something interesting involving the main villain will come into play very soon.


Miku Izayoi’s development is finally completed in this arc, as Miku Truth reveals her past history and her full motives. It’s a bit odd that her sexual preference came from her memories of being let down and abandoned by the people close to her. A part of me wants to think she was needed to fill in a lesbian trope in a harem character, but considering it was all caused by her producer and slanderous rumors from tabloids, I’ll take it. So far the Date A Live heroines have continued the themes of rejecting people, and Miku is no exception to this rule.


Shidou gets some extra points this volume for displaying powerful emotions for the latter half of the volume. His reckless actions make him the hero for the volume, going through all possible means to save Tohka. Additionally, Miku’s distrust in people also fits nicely with Shidou’s situation as he adamantly defends his conviction to save Tohka no matter what risks he has to take. Tohka also reciprocates the same quality of emotions, proving to Miku the deep relationship they have.

 “Shidou, he had yet to give up. To get back the person most important to him, he would put his life in great peril, yet not stop.”


The illustrations look a lot sharper this time around, being very refined in their details and character artwork. The color illustrations deserve praise for the nice contrast in colors and particular features in the pictures (the mech designs, the ice glaciers, and that illustration of Tohka at the end) The black and white illustrations also don’t disappoint as they are drawn with the same amount of quality.


Miku Truth reveals more information about our characters, the antagonists, and the Spirits. These features add more spice to the Date A Live series as more key plot points are introduced and foreshadowed. However as a standalone volume in a two volume arc, Miku Truth presents decent action fights and great emotional scenes, building off of the details set in its predecessor.

Rating: Recommended – Highly Recommended

Author: Kōshi Tachibana

Illustrator: Tsunako

Fan Translated by the Date A Live Translators

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