Light Novel Review: Date A Live – Tobiichi Angel [Volume 10]

Forewarning: The content in this volume will reveal what happened five years ago during the fire of Tenguu city. In other words, this is a spoiler warning.

Origami Tobiichi is transferring to a school in Britain. Upon hearing this from his homeroom teacher, Shidou leaves school early to ask Origami why she is moving. He finds Origami but quickly falls unconscious from a surprise attack. The next thing he realizes is that he’s tied to a chair in an unknown location, with Origami right in front of him. When Shidou asks what is going on, Origami declares…

“—-It’s the fight between me and the Spirits”

“—-Yatogami Tohka and the rest are no exemptions”


Volume 10 of Date A Live focuses on Origami Tobiichi and her decent into despair. Tobiichi Angel reveals the major events that happened five years ago and develops the consequences upon exposing the truth. This volume takes all of the past experiences regarding her conflicting desires, building up to the point where they will all come together to form a momentous change in one of the major characters in the Date A Live series.


Origami has been a recurring character in the Date A Live series. She serves as an opposing faction against Spirits, vowing to kill them. Her motivations are linked to the events that happened five years ago. As she said towards Shidou, she wanted to kill Spirits so that nobody would end up like her, but at this point, her motivation is mainly revenge against the Spirit who killed her parents. Over the course of the main story, she has been chasing after power capable to destroy Spirits, and the result of that rage culminates into the fight in the first part of the volume.


Her fight against Tohka and the other Spirits is split between a third-person perspective, Tohka’s perspective and Origami’s perspective. The beginning of the fight in conducted in a third-person viewpoint to convey that actions between the individuals involved. From there, Tohka takes over the narrative. Together with the other Spirits, they are confused as to why Origami would suddenly do this but they want to stop her rampage. They don’t see Origami as an enemy but rather a person who needs saving. Tohka and Origami both want power for their respective desires, but only Tohka remains in control as she remembers the dreadful feeling of the absolute power back in Miku Truth and knows that it won’t save Origami.

Unfortunately, Origami falls into hopelessness as she reflects that all the training she has done is not enough to defeat her enemy. And so in order to get more power, Origami accepts <Phantom’s> offer and she becomes one of the beings she hates, a Spirit. Once the fight between the newly changed Origami and the Spirits end, the story moves into its second half. Mainly told from Origami’s perspective, she enlists the help of the Spirit with the power to control time, Kurumi, to send her back five years ago to kill the Spirit who killed her parents.


Origami has been well developed throughout the Date A Live volumes, serving as a opposing force to Ratatoskr’s methods of sealing Spirits. The only reason she hasn’t attacked them is because of the AST keeping her under control and Shidou convincing her not to attack since the Spirits aren’t a threat anymore. However once both of those are taken out, all that’s left is her overwhelming desire to kill the Spirits. She’s blind as she will do whatever it takes to fulfill her goals, accepting DEM’s contract and then finally submitting to <Phantom>. Origami’s a well developed character and it’s very thrilling to see her de-evolve as a character. The writing also helps to convey the feelings established during these moment, using short statements as heart-breaking facts.


Tobiichi Angel wins the award for best color illustrations in the Date A Live series. With fantastic use of light and colors, the Astral Dress designs for Tohka and Origami are beautifully illustrated. The black and white illustrations retain a very smooth and clean art style with the pictures focusing on the characters’ actions.


Tobiichi Angel shows Origami’s descent into despair as she realizes the truth behind the events that became her very reason for living. With consistent action, remarkable writing and a very well developed lead, this first volume in this two volume arc stands as a noteworthy volume to read for Date A Live fans.

Rating: Highly Recommended – Recommended

Author: Kōshi Tachibana

Illustrator: Tsunako

Fan Translated by the Date A Live Translators

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