LN Review: Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia [Volume 1]

Forewarning: Illustrations may be NSFW

Kizuna Hida is a transfer student at Ataraxia, a tactical defense academy where people with special skills and gifted intelligence are gathered. His sister calls him in a emergency due to his special ability, the Heart Hybrid Gear. There he meets Aine Chidorigafuchi, but despite her sharp tongue, she launches herself at him. Stripping her clothes and demanding to do lewd things with him, Aine does it all for the Corruption Armament, a weapon only available through Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear.

With the ability to power up girls by doing erotic actions with them, Kizuna Hida and his teammates must defend Ataraxia from enemies from an alternate universe.


Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (will now refer to it as Masou Gakuen HxH) is an ecchi battle action light novel where our main protagonist fights enemies by powering up his female companions with erotic actions. That is the most base definition I can give to define this series, and if this type of light novel is not particularly your thing. I suggest moving to a different light novel series.


Our main character is called by his sister to assist defending Ataraxia using the special feature on his armor. From here, he meets various large-breasted characters (and a loli) and teams up with them to take down the enemies from a different universe. The story changes tone and atmosphere from romantic comedy, battle action, and ecchi fanservice. There’s a underlying plot hidden somewhere in series, underneath all of the erotica, however the characters or the premise aren’t compelling enough to give the plot any backbone.


What this series does do well in, is the novel’s use of erotic poetry.

“The scenery was beautiful, but the back figure of Yurisa walking was also beautiful.

Swaying golden hair. Under it was the large ass wrapped in the pilot suit.

Voluptuous thighs stretched out from the ass that looked voluminous, in accordance with those legs alternately moving forward, the ass changed its orientation to the left and right.”

There are tons of these passages in this volume and if you factor in the heavy erotica descriptions between characters, this story is practically a porn novel.


Our main character is Kizuna Hida and after being replaced by a certain girl, he is invited back to Ataraxia by his sister to use his ability given to him by his mother. Our main theme for this volume regards the worth and value of a person for both Kizuna and Aine. Kizuna has his self-doubt after being thrown away by his mother and Aine’s cold personality is a result due to her inferiority complex. The characterization from one key point to another takes place over large gaps, in between the romantic comedy bits, fanservice scenes and battle fights. The other heroines are forgettable as they don’t serve any significant part to this volume besides filling in for romantic comedy bits. There’s at least one or two that are important to the story to move things along but that’s all they do.


Illustrations were drawn by Hisasi whose previous work is other fanservice heavy series such as Bikini Warriors and And you thought there is never a girl online? Additionally, the illustrator has done some hentai work such as Koakuma Kanojo. Unfortunately, the work is rather unimpressive if the illustration is not overly erotic. That said, the color illustrations take the erotic factor and multiply it (along with the breast size) to the point of being very NSFW.


I can’t recommend this to anyone except for those with a heavy interest in fanservice. The characters are bland for this genre of light novels and the premise of the story, while may offer minor laughs, are forgettable. What this series has going for it, is the erotic imagery its writing, both in the imaginary sense and physical sense.

Rating: Not Recommended – Recommended*

* – Recommended for those ecchi fanservice fans out there.

Author: Masamune Kuji

Illustrator: Hisasi

Mechanical Design: Kurogin

Translator: Bakapervert

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