Light Novel Review: ‘Strangled’ [Volume 2]

Forewarning: Knowledge of the events in the previous volume is necessary to understand the events in this edition of ‘Strangled’

I’m a high school Boy and a bestselling light novel author, strangled by my female classmate who is my junior and a voice actress.

Eri Nitadori is a voice actress in the anime adaptation of my light novel series, ‘Vice Versa.’ I was answering her questions about the light novel industry and how I became an author on our way home on the Limited Express train.

So I don’t understand why she’s on top of me right now, choking my neck, with her icy cold hands.


The second volume of ‘Strangled’ is a continuation of the events in the previous volume with the same style of content. As we get more information about light novel production, the plot kicks back in as we figure out why Eri Nitadori strangled our protagonist in this odd love comedy.


The second volume of ‘Strangled’ continues relaying information about the process of light novel production between the two main characters. The novel keeps its balance between the two sides: the businesslike industry topics and the more personal experiences. Such topics range from monetary subjects to confidentiality agreements to social gatherings to the almighty deadlines. ‘Strangled’ also covers the various emotions and experiences when light novels get adapted into anime. If you enjoyed reading the content from the previous volume, chances are that you will like the content in this one as well.


The plot kicks back in the second half as we catch up to present time and continue the story from there. Plot elements set in the previous volume come back to serve important roles. From the protagonist’s story ‘Vice Versa’ to the train station setting, the usage of these small details makes a big impact on our characters. Eri Nitadori’s intentions and motivations are revealed and the resolution our protagonist chooses to take with her is the focus of this latter half.


The illustrations are made with the same amount of quality as the previous volume, continuing to feature Eri Nitadori. There are a couple of illustrations with the characters of ‘Vice Versa’ and an Afterword board game as a humorous bonus.


With the main conflict resolved and a cliffhanger leading into a “new” arc, these two volumes present ‘Strangled’ as a short light novel series with ‘educating people about light novels’ as its main focus with a bit of romantic comedy sprinkled on top. Even if the romantic comedy isn’t your thing, the amount of knowledge contained in these two volume is definitely worth checking out.

Rating: Highly Recommended

Author: Keiichi Sigsawa

Illustrator: Kōhaku Kuroboshi

Translator: Teh_Ping

The second volume can be found here at Hellping.

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