Update Notes: Mid-July to August 2016

Over the past two weeks, my experience having no internet can be compared to drifting endlessly underwater, and then rising to the surface occasionally to take in a breath of fresh air of Twitter and Anime before falling back.

Anyway…I’ll have consistent internet back by the 1st of August, followed by a review. I can’t wait to get back to work. (I’ve fallen so hard in terms of productivity…)

For right now, I have my thoughts on the current airing anime I’ve been watching (in patch note formation), followed by other news I found worth mentioning.

Light Novels and Their Adaptations:

Alderamin on the Sky:

  • Fantastic first episode given the massive amount of information need to let the viewer understand what’s happening.
  • Alderamin is a very detail heavy light novel so I applaud the anime for covering most of bases.
  • Ikta came off as too much a dick the first episode but is rounded off by the next episodes.
  • Currently, these first couple of episodes are just the first volume.
  • OP by Kishidan Kyoudan is good. Replay count: 36 (Then again, I like their music.)
  • Actively watching

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia:

  • Exactly what I expected from reading the novel. I’m happy it lives it up to the novel. Dropped.


91 Days:

  • Enjoying it so far.
  • Love the darker atmosphere and tone to the show.
  • OP is good with 31 replays on my music player.
  • Actively following

sweetness & lightning:

  • Very cute and adorable.
  • Love the main trio and their voice actors.
  • Actively following

Ange Vierge:

  • Unpopular opinion but I’m really like this one.
  • Dialogue is terrible but I’m enjoying all the stock lines and the good animation that follows it.
  • I like the OP and ED.
  • Actively following


  • The calmer of the series I’m watching.
  • I like the dynamic between our two main characters.
  • I can’t watch to see the high school portions coming up.
  • Actively following

Danganronpa 3:

  • The breather for me this season.
  • Something different from all the ones I’ve seen so far.
  • I’m still hooked on Mafia/Werewolf from work so the Future Arc feels entertaining.
  • The Despair Arc feels a bit slow for me right now. I do hope it does hurry up with the deaths. OP and ED of Future Arc are good.
  • Actively following


  • The most frustrating anime in this season for me.
  • The main character annoys me greatly and hearing him panting and breathing is straining for my eyes. And yet I’m still watching.
  •  Actively following.


  • I’ve watched previous Fate/Ilya but never finished the seasons due to boredom.
  • This one is probably an exception because it feels like an actual action show rather than a slice of life one.
  • OPs are always fantastic.
  • Actively watching


  • Wasted my time watching the first episode.
  • Didn’t find the next episode funny either.
  • Dropped.

This Art Club Has a Problem!:

  • Not particularly special and not interesting enough for me to follow actively.

Love Live Sunshine:

  • Idols

Mob Psycho 100:

  • On Hold to let hype and expectations drop.

momokuri (TV):

  • Cute but no substance.
  • Dropped.


  • Cuter than momokuri and has substance and meaning to me.
  • Actively following


  • Heard good things about this one. Planning to marathon this one.
  • Kana Hanazawa is the voice actor for the MC.
  • On Hold.

Qualidea Code:

  • The joint project between Speakeasy made up of Kōshi Tachibana (Date a Live), Sō Sagara (Henneko), and Wataru Watari (Oregairu).
  • Characters are entertaining to watch and I’m curious to see more.
  • Vocal tracks are great.
  • Actively watching it.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars:

  • An odd one. I don’t know what to think of it.
  • On Hold.


  • Finished it and enjoyed the high school drama.
  • I would recommend it…I guess.


  • The only reason why I’m still watching it is because I’m curious to see where it goes. That’s it.
  • Otherwise, I would pass it. Like the first episode.
  • Actively Watching (Regrettably)

Food Wars 2:

  • More food battles.
  • I liked the previous season so I’m actively watching it.
  • OP is good.

Tales of Zestiria the X:

  • Not going to watch this until I play the game first.


  • On Hold to marathon it. Also, to decrease hype and expectations.

Twin Star Exorcist:

  • On Hold to marathon it.

Other News:

Persona 3 the Movie #4: Winter of Rebirth: Been replaying Persona 3 again, this time from the girl’s perspective.

No Game No Life Movie:  No Game No Life is back. By the way, that’s not Sora and Shiro, but Riku and Shuvi. In other words, it’s volume 6 of No Game No Life and in my opinion, the best volume in the NGNL series. Excited for this one.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale: Not top priority but it does interest me since it’s an original work by Reki Kawahara. It takes place after Mother’s Rosario if anyone is wondering. Here’s hoping it’s a decently written story

Tales of Berseria: I’m so hyped for this game. One of the reasons why I want a PS4. Magilou is best girl.

Persona 5: The other reason why I want a PS4. I love the darker artstyle

Pokemon Go: Playing it on my down time. Before I went on vacation, I was farming Dratinis.

Light Novels Reviews to Come:

I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel author, strangled by my female classmate who is my junior and a voice Actress (Strangled’) (1+2)

Translation over at Hellping


Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl

Translation over at Skythewood Translations




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