Summer 2016 Wrap Up – Category Winners

My personal selection for the following categories, both favorites and worst, for the Summer 2016 Anime Season:

Artstyles, Animations, Opening Themes, Ending Themes, Soundtrack, Male+Female Voice Actor, Male+Female Character, Best/Worst Couples, and Overall Awards.

Aoba shrugging.png

  • Favorite Anime of the Season
  • Worst Anime of the Season
  • Best Artsyle
  • Worst Artstyle
  • Best Animation
  • Worst Animation
  • Best Opening Theme
  • Worst Opening Theme
  • Best Ending Theme
  • Worst Ending Theme
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Worst Soundtrack
  • Best Male Voice Actor
  • Worst Male Voice Actor
  • Best Female Voice Actor
  • Worst Female Voice Actor
  • Best Male Character
  • Worst Male Character
  • Best Female Character
  • Worst Female Character
  • Best Couple
  • Worst Couple
  • Surprise of the Season
  • Disappointment of the Season
  • Overall Thoughts on the Season


Favorite Anime of the Season – Danganronpa 3  / Fate Ilya

Worst Anime of the Season – Qualidea Code

Best Artsyle – 91 Days / New Game

Worst Artstyle – Qualidea Code

Best Animation – Tales of Zestiria the X/ Mob Psycho 100

Worst Animation – Orange…and Qualidea at some points….

Best Opening Theme – Fate/Ilya , Danganronpa [Both Arcs]

Worst Opening Theme – Days

Best Ending Theme – Re:Zero’s EDs, Danganronpa [Future Arc] Ange Vierge

Worst Ending Theme

Best Soundtrack – Re:Zero, Honorable Mentions to Qualidea Code’s Vocal Tracks

Worst Soundtrack – Nothing really come to mind

Best Male Voice Actors –  Subaru and Beeltegus – Re:Zero, Nero – 91 Days, Gilgamesh – Fate/Ilya, Ikta Solurk – Alderamin

Best Female Voice Actor – Junko Enronima – Danganronpa, Kotori and Tsumugi – Sweetness & Lightning, Mizuki Usami – Art Club, Chizuru Hishiro – ReLife

Best Male Character – Souma – Shokugeki , Subaru – Re/Zero Gilgamesh – Fate/Ilya, Kasumi Chigusa – Qualidea Code

Best Female Character – Tsugumi – Sweetness & Lightning, Ilya – Fate/Ilya, Yatori – Alderamin,

Best Couples [Too many]

– Angelo and Colteo – 91 Days

– Sakakura and Munakata – Danganronpa

– Ilya and Miyu – Fate/Ilya

– Kou and Rin – New Game

– Kaizaki Arata and Chizuru Hishiro – ReLife

Surprise of the Season – Fate/Ilya, Danganronpa, Re:Zero

Disappointment of the Season – Qualidea Code, Rewrite

Overall Thoughts on the Season

Those that I look forward to every week, I got the most enjoyment out of. Otherwise, it’s an average season.

Time for next season…



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2 Responses to Summer 2016 Wrap Up – Category Winners

  1. weeabootaku says:

    I’m a little late to this post, but I really dig how comprehensive of a list this is. I also appreciate that you care about voice actors/actresses too. I find that it can be an often overlooked thing, but voice actors can make or break characters. I am looking forward to your thoughts on the Fall 2016 anime season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Often, I don’t have enough time to actually sit down and write about a show, but this format allows me to cover a large area.

      The voice actors did a fantastic job this season, especially Matsuoka Yoshitsugu’s performance as Betelgeuse.

      Liked by 1 person

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