Light Novel Review: Magical Girl Raising Project [Volume 4]

Forewarning: Magical Girl Raising Project has been licensed by Yen Press. Please support the official release once it comes out.

Contains spoilers to the two arcs, Unmarked and Restart.

33 Magical Girls have participated in the Magical Girl Raising Project, and this story is about their everyday lives…


Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes is a collection of short stories featuring the Magical Girls from Unmarked and Restart. Characters who we didn’t get to know during the main story gets a small slice of life chapter to themselves. These side stories are set certain points in time; usually before the events of both Unmarked and Restart, but some stories are told at certain times during or even after the events.

Even though the chapters are focused on a specific characters, other Magical Girls are also connected or referenced in the story. Some appearances are purely coincidental like in A Knight’s Day Off, where La Pucella goes to a meet-up for fans of Magical Girls and he gets saved by Yumenoshima Genopsycho and Melville from a pervert. However, some appearances can be very influential, so much so that it drastically affects the main story. For example, in Nemurin’s Adventure, Nemurin visits a young girl who wants to be a princess’s liege, and Nemurin asks her if she wants to become the princess instead, not aware that the young girl was Swim Swim.

While Episodes is a part of the series, you don’t have to read it to understand the main story or any of the individual arcs. However, Episodes explores the Magical Girls more in-depth, covering those who didn’t get much screen time. I highly recommend it for any fan of Magical Girl Raising Project.

If you want my own personal thoughts of each chapter of Episodes, check out this addendum.

Rating: Recommended (Optional Reading) – Highly Recommended

 Author: Asari Endō

Illustrator: Maruino

Fan Translator: PlatFleece

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