Fall 2016 Wrap Up – Category Winners

My personal selection for the following categories, both favorites and worst, for the Fall 2016 Anime Season:

Artstyles, Animation, Opening Themes, Ending Themes, Soundtrack, Male+Female Voice Actor, Male+Female Character, Best/Worst Couples, and Overall Awards.


  • Favorite Anime of the Season
  • Worst Anime of the Season
  • Best Artsyle
  • Worst Artstyle
  • Best Animation
  • Worst Animation
  • Best Opening Theme
  • Worst Opening Theme
  • Best Ending Theme
  • Worst Ending Theme
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Worst Soundtrack
  • Best Male Voice Actor
  • Worst Male Voice Actor
  • Best Female Voice Actor
  • Worst Female Voice Actor
  • Best Male Character
  • Worst Male Character
  • Best Female Character
  • Worst Female Character
  • Best Couple
  • Worst Couple
  • Surprise of the Season
  • Disappointment of the Season
  • Overall Thoughts on the Season

Favorite Anime of the Season – Haiykuu S3 (Honorable Mentions – Eupho, Bungou’s Prologue, Flip Flappers)

Worst Anime of the Season – Lostorage WIXOSS

Best Artsyle – Flip Flappers, March Comes in like a Lion

Worst Artstyle – WWW.Working

Best Animation – Flip Flappers

Worst Animation – Lostorage WIXOSS

Best Opening Theme – Izetta, Yuri on Ice

Best Ending Theme – Magical Girl Raising Project, March Comes in like a Lion

Best Soundtrack – Flip Flappers

Best Male Character – Sakunosuke “Odasuke” Oda (You will be greatly missed), Kei Tsukishima (MY BOY)

Worst Male Character – Kuzu-P aka Trash, that one guy who likes Kumiko in Eupho

Best Female Character – Kumiko, Yayaka, Asuka, Top Speed

Worst Female Character – “Best Worst Character” Chitose Karasuma, Everyone in Lostorage

Best Male Voice Actor – Kengo Kawanishi (Rei Kiriyama)

Best Female Voice Actor – Tomoyo Kurosawa (Kumiko), Ayaka Ohashi (Yayaka)

Best Couple – Kumiko x Kumiko’s Sister, Cocona x Papika

Worst Couple – Reina x Noboru Taki (The teacher)

Surprise of the Season – Keijo, Bungo “Holy shit, it got way better” Stray Dogs.

Disappointment of the Season – Lostorage

Thoughts on the Season – Anime is great…if you focus on your favorites.


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