When hail rained upon the earth one particular day, a certain major protagonist imagined creating his very own blog.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and the drive to fulfill his dream died.

Months later, a certain minor character was bored one day in the lull of college life. This minor character suddenly decided on a whim to create a blog site. After much tinkering in HTML and slow days in development hell, the website The August Hail was finally published. The minor character had upgraded to a major protagonist. With the intentions of promoting and reviewing light novels, he carries the ambitions to create content on his newly created blog…

Welcome to The August Hail. My name is August Hail, the author of the blog and here I talk about various topics of light novels, anime, J-Music, and other related topics to my life. This blog is centered around light novels reviews, but I’ll occasionally review other stuff such as manga and anime.

I have a tendency to be shy, but I’m actually quite friendly and I like talking to people. If you comment on any of my posts, chances are I’ll respond fairly quickly and I heavily welcome any form of discussion whether it be about light novels, anime or real life.

As for the reason why I started writing in an blog, it can summed up to I didn’t have anyone to discuss anime or light novels with. And the main point is the word, “discuss.” I have some friends that like to watch anime but not to the point where I can talk about some of the deeper themes and characterization. If I had to describe it, it would be like talking vaguely about how funny the comedy is in a show, or how well animated an anime is.

Additionally while I got to know some people in real life that did like anime and manga, those people didn’t have similar interests in anime as I did. It can be easy to find and talk to someone that likes One Punch Man or Attack on Titan, but it’s a lot harder to find someone that likes THE IDOLM@STERS or the Monogatari Series.

Anime was a good medium for me, connecting both the form of storytelling I adored in action/adventure books and the artistic style of conveying the story in animated cartoons. In books, I wanted to see those types of stories come to life but not in the Hollywood movie format. And in the animated cartoons, I wanted a more connected nature between the episodes rather than an episodic one.

I’ve continued to watch more anime after that and I’ve come to love the elements the medium presents to me: storytelling, character development, animation, music and pure enjoyment.

I’ve gotten into reading light novels because of the content I often recognize from anime plus extra features left out from anime adaptations. It’s also become another way for me to experience the series, either again, or for the first time. Chances are that I’ll have watched the anime-adaptation beforehand, and I’ll have forgotten the events that happened when I read the original material. So reading the light novel version, or even the manga version, makes me relive those specific moments, adding more details. Going over the content again can give me key information or foreshadowing I didn’t get the first time through.

Additionally since it’s in a book format, I can move at my own pace and take it with me either on my Kindle or physically.

I want to talk about what I like.

There really isn’t a blog schedule as I’m balancing university, this blog, and real life. But when I feel a need to write, I will do so.

Here’s my Twitter account for those interested.


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If there’s two ratings (Recommended – Average), think of the rating as a middle ground with a condition attached to one of them.

At a glance…

Favorite Anime series: My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected/Oregairu

Favorite Manga: Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata/ A Method to Make the World Gentle

Favorite Light Novel: When Hikaru was on the Earth…

Favorite Author: Mizuki Nomura

Favorite Illustrator: Miho Takeoka

Favorite Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano

Contact: theaugusthail@gmail.com