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Update Post + Last Project

If you’ve noticed by the date of the last review, it’s been about a month since. I predicted that this would happen ever since I’ve made the site and the About page. So I think it’s about time… I will … Continue reading

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Manga Review: The Ancient Magus Bride [Volumes 1-3]

Chise Hatori is an unwanted orphan. Having been pushed around from relative to relative, she finds herself standing at an auction as a slave. It isn’t a human who buys her, but an magician with the head of a dog … Continue reading

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Manga Review: Barakamon [Volume 1]

Today we will be looking at Barakamon by Satsuki Yoshino There’s a point where one has to accept a break from time to time. Nobody can work days without at least taking a breath of fresh air. If someone tried, … Continue reading

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Manga Review: Manga Dogs

Today I will be looking at Manga Dogs by Ema Toyama.   I’m sure anyone interested in a particular artistic medium had at least some dreams and ambitions about becoming a professional actor, director, artist,  game developer. Well that’s no … Continue reading

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