DanMachi – Sword Oratoria

Aiz Wallenstein, one of the most powerful warriors in the city of Oratoria, ventures down to the lowest levels of the Dungeon, along with her familia. Their adventure goes smoothly enough but when they unexpectedly encounter a dangerous new monster species, they are forced to fight it. Thanks to Aiz’s remarkable sword skills and magic, the familia was able to escape from the monsters with no major causalities.

The party decides to conclude their expedition to restock on weapons and armor, but not without taking out a couple of Minotaurs in their way. On the way, Aiz saves a certain white-haired boy from being attacked. She reaches out in concern but he runs away from her before they have a chance to talk.

Later that night, her encounter with the white-haired boy reminds her of a memory long ago…


Volume 1