Magical Girl Raising Project

‘Magical Girl Raising Project’, a very popular mobile game where you can become the ultimate Magical Girl. Rumor has it that if you play the game, there is a chance you can become one in real life..

Sixteen individuals have been selected to become Magical Girls, conducting their duties. However when the administrator behind the project suddenly declares to half the number of magical girls, it quickly turns into merciless game of survival between the Magical Girls.

Volume 1: Unmarked

Volume 2: Restart [Arc 2]

Volume 3: Restart [Arc 2]

Volume 4: Episodes [Unmarked + Arc 2 Side-Stories]

Volume 5: Limited [Arc 3]

Volume 6: Limited [Arc 4]

Volume 7: JOKERS

Volume 8: ACES

Volume 9: Episodes Φ [Volume 1 – ACES Side-Stories]

Volume 10: QUEENS