Psycome / Psycho Love Comedy

Accused of murdering twelve people, Kyousuke Kamiya is forced to attend Purgatorium Remedial Academy. The Academy looks like a normal high school…-except for the fact that all of his classmates are murderers. His mistaken identity of the “Warehouse Butcher – Mass Murderer of Twelve” quickly becomes known around the establishment and he gains the attention of Renko Hikawa, a seemly friendly girl…who wears a gas mask.

Volume 1 – Murderers and A-dead-lescence

Volume 2 – Murderer Princess and Open-Jail School

Volume 3 – Murderer’s Hope and Deadly Final Exams

Volume 4 – Murderer’s Taboo and Bon Festival

Volume 5 – Murdering Machine and Sports Festival/Disaster

Volume 6 – Murdering Mechanism and Till Death Do Us Part