The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria or The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria tells the story of Kazuki Hoshino, a normal student who is obsessed with his everyday life. Until one day, a transfer student, Aya Otonashi, moves into his class–for no less than the 13,118th time and declares to “break” him.

Author: Eiji Mikage

Illustrator: Tetsuo (415)

Translator: EusthEnoptEron

Note: The names of the volumes are unofficial. I’ve named them for easy identification.

Volume 1 – The Rejecting Classroom

Volume 2 – Sevennight in Mud

Volume 3 – The Game of Idleness (1)

Volume 4 – The Game of Idleness (2)

Volume 5 – The Shadow of Sin and Punishment (1)

Volume 6 – The Wish Crushing Cinema (2)

Volume 7 – The Flawed Bliss