The Place You Called From

Yosuke Fukamachi hates his birthmark. His birthmark has plagued his face and has become the source of many problems in his life. Before his high school life starts, he receives a strange call from a public telephone booth. The caller challenges him to a bet.

She will remove the birthmark on his face on the condition that he is able to win the heart of a girl he knew long ago, Yui Hajikano, within fifty days.

He reluctantly accepts the challenge and within the next day, his birthmark has disappeared. He experiences a normal high school life for the first time, however Yuu Hajikano is nowhere to be seen.

Later that night, he finally encounters her.

Right when she was about to commit suicide with the very same birthmark he had on his face.



The Place You Called From [Volume 1]

The Place I Called From [Volume 2]

Author: Sugaru Miaki

Translator: vgperson