Planning Blog Posts

1) Why I like Light Novels

2) What do I think about Light Novels Adaptations

3) Personal Favorites Light Novels

4) Top Recommendations for Light Novels

5) Season 3 predictions on Sword Art Online – Progessive or Alicization.

6) How I feel about “transported into a fantasy world genre”

7) How I feel about “magic high school romantic comedy harem genre”

8) Learning Japanese Kanji – Started 5/26

9) How I make my reviews

10) Personal Favorite Games

11) Personal Favorite Anime

12) Anime/Manga/Light Novels lost in the depths of my backlog

-Spice and Wolf Season 2 -2nd half and Spice and Wolf Volume 1

-Index – New Testament

-Eromanga Sensei and Konosuba

13) Light novels I wish had an anime adaptation or fully translated in English.

-, Beautiful Bones, Sunday Without God, Gekkou


Tales of Graces F

Tales of Xillia and Xillia 2

Sword Art Online Progressive Novels