Light Novel Review: Psycome [Volume 3]

Final exams are coming up and Kyousuke Kamiya’s only hope for salvation from this murder academy to see his sister, is a chance at parole. However, he doesn’t have to wait very longer when he realizes that his sister, Ayaka, is the new transfer student in his class. The both them are very glad that they are back together again, but Kyousuke is concerned about Ayaka in this school full of killers. On the other hand, Ayaka thinks has his brother all to herself, but when she soon get introduced to Kyousuke’s other female friends…


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Light Novel Review: Bakemonogatari – Part 3

Ever since spring break, Koyomi Araragi has always admired Tsubasa Hanekawa. She is the class president among class presidents, the most gifted young lady in her generation, and an overall decent human being; but even the ideal model student has very sensitive issues of her own.

The conclusion of this ‘Monster Tale’ begins with the return of Tsubasa Hanekawa’s aberration, a dreaded nightmare for both Araragi and Hanekawa.


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Spring 2017 Wrap Up – Category Winners

My personal selection for the following categories for the Spring 2017 Anime Season:

Artstyle, Animation, Opening Theme, Ending Theme, Soundtrack, Male+Female Voice Actor, Male+Female Character, Best/Worst Couple, and Overall Awards.

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Light Novel Review: Magical Girl Raising Project [Volume 1]

‘Magical Girl Raising Project’, a very popular mobile game where you can become the ultimate Magical Girl. Rumor has it that if you play the game, there is a chance you can become one in real life…

Sixteen individuals have been selected to become Magical Girls, conducting their duties. However when the administrator behind the project suddenly declares to half the number of magical girls, it quickly turns into merciless game of survival between the Magical Girls.


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Light Novel Review: Bakemonogatari – Part 2

After gaining a very sharp-tongued girlfriend and helping a lost child find her way home, Koyomi Araragi has once again meet two more girls with their own case of supernatural problems; Suruga Kanbaru, the athletic superstar, and Nadeko Sengoku, the reserved childhood friend.


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Light Novel Review: Bakemonogatari – Part 1

Koyomi Araragi encounters two girls with very unique circumstances–and considering his experiences with the supernatural during Golden Week, this isn’t unusual for him.

One day when walking up the stairs, he sees a girl floating down from above. Araragi catches her but upon contact, he discovers that she weighs very little–like she nearly didn’t weigh anything at all.

On Mother’s Day, Araragi is walking in the park when he sees an elementary girl with a large backpack, looking at a district map. She says she’s trying to find her mother’s house, but as the both of them quickly find out, getting there may be more difficult than expected.


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